Glacier National Park & Flathead Lake

To celebrate her college graduation, my best friend Sarah decided to host a golf tournament in her hometown of Missoula, MT. The tournament was scheduled for a Saturday in July but the adventure began far before that. I took the train from Portland, OR to West Glacier, MT and arrived early Thursday morning after a fourteen hour train ride. The BEST thing about such a long train ride (and yes there really is a best part) is waking up to the early morning hustle and bustle on the train and watching the sun rise over the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Sarah and her sister picked me up at the train stop and we headed straight to Glacier National Park. We paid a small fee of $25.00 to enter the park (good for seven days although we were only there for one). Once inside the park we found the Going-to-the-Sun Road, a fifty-mile road that cuts through the heart of the park. We stopped at a spot on the river to see Upper McDonald Falls and watched while a group of people jumped from a thirty-foot tall rock into the pristine bluish teal water.

On our way to the top we sat through a little construction but we got to see some spectacular views in the mean time! We also stopped at the Logan Pass Visitor Center below Clements Mountain and saw a big horn sheep in the parking lot…we thought it was a statue at first because it was standing so still! The sheep proceeded to mosey on through the parking lot, stopping every once and awhile to lick the sweet coolant from the pavement until a ranger chased him off.

After taking in the scenic views of Glacier, we decided to head to Flathead Lake for a little fun. We spent the afternoon chatting with the girls on the dock and jet skiing around the lake in our colorful life jackets. When it was dinnertime we headed into Kalispell because we were told we HAD to try the famed pizza at Moose’s Saloon, a rustic bar with names carved on the tables and saw dust on the floors. The atmosphere was fun, the beer was cold and the pizza was great…that’s all I need!

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Posted by: Denise Angvick on Denise’s Dish