“Happy Birthday America” Cupcakes

Alright….I’ll admit it…cupcakes probably aren’t the best idea after my three-week divorce from the gym but it IS our nation’s birthday and they ARE red, white, and blue! Once again I’ve convinced myself that baking while a few pounds over my ideal weight is “okay” as long as I’ve got a good reason. Somewhere in between convincing myself its okay and promising myself that I’d bring half of them to work, I started searching for a festive recipe online and came up with this: “Happy Birthday America” cupcakes. One box of white cake mix and some food coloring later and I was in business. 

So where’d I get my inspiration? Well, a few places actually… 

– First and foremost,  my favorite cupcake shop in Portland: Saint Cupcake. They make the most amazing red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting. 

– Second: a super creative cupcake recipe from the “Glorious Treats” blog. This woman is so talented…she baked and decorated tiny sugar cookie stars, stuck them on a lollypop stick and used them as “toppers” on the cupcake. 

– Third: another creative cupcake recipe from a blog called “The Adventures of Miss V“. She made some festive cupcakes for Memorial Day that radiated red, white, and blue on the outside AND the inside by separating the batter and coloring it blue and red. 

– And last but not least…my never-ending sweet tooth deserves a little credit for my inspiration too. 

Here’s what you need: 

– (1) box white cake
– (1) jar frosting (I used whipped cream cheese)
– Red and blue food coloring
– Sprinkles
– Candles (for toppers)
– Cupcake cups
– Cupcake pan 

Here’s how you make it: 

(1) Mix cake following directions on the box
(2) Split cake mix evenly into three bowls
(3) Used food coloring to color one blue, one red, and leave one white
(4) Arrange cupcake cups in pan
(5) Fill each cupcake cup with 1 tablespoon white mix
(6) Layer 1 tablespoon blue mix on top of the white
(7) Layer 1 tablespoon red mix on to of the blue
(8) Bake following directions on the box
(9) Allow cupcakes to cool
(10) Frost and top with sprinkles and a candle
(11) Enjoy! 

Yields approximately 20 cupcakes. 

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Posted by: Denise Angvick on Denise’s Dish