The “New” Dish

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a quick little note to tell you about the “new” dish. I spent some time this week revamping my blog with some new features and a different look.   

I’ve designed a new header, changed the color scheme and layout, and increased the font size. I have also added the ability to download and print 3 x 5 recipe cards that can be cut out and added to your recipe box. You can access the area to print cards in one of three ways:

“Print Recipes” (top right)  Side bar image: Blog post image:













I am currently in the process of creating recipe cards and adding the “print this recipe” button to prior recipes but should be finished sometime this weekend. Stay tuned for my next posts about our Memorial Day Weekend Trip and the Hood River Beer & Wine Tour!   

Questions? Comments? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you!