Why I Love Camping at Spruce Run


Last weekend I finally went on my first (and quite possibly last) camping trip of the summer. I had hoped to get out more this summer but between weddings and weekend outings, my summer has flown by like usual. For the second summer in a row I joined the Brist siblings for their annual camping trip to Spruce Run campground off the Sunset highway. As much as I’d like to keep this place a secret, I promised to share good things with you so here’s a few reasons why I love camping at Spruce Run:

1. The Short Drive from Portland: If you live in the Portland area, this campground is less two hours away, even with 5 o’ clock Friday traffic. From Portland you take the Sunset highway (US26) west bound until you get to the Spruce Run turnoff (near mile marker 20). A short five-mile drive off the highway will lead you to the Spruce Run campground.

2. The Lack of Cell Phone Towers: To some people the lack of cell phone service is a negative but to me it was refreshing. It was the first time in a long time that I could ditch my phone, relax, and focus on the people I was with. No e-mails, no texts, no Facebook, no apps. As much as I love to be connected I think I could go for this more often.

3. The River: Spruce Run is located along the Nehalem River which not only provides some beautiful scenery but a little activity, more specifically crawfishing! Before this weekend I had never been crawfishing before but it didn’t take long for me to discover that we were camping with a crawfishing queen, Miss Chelsea Brist! Chelsea rolled up her shorts and caught seven crawfish in less than a half hour with merely a hot dog and a net. She’s got skills!

4. The Short Drive to the Coast: If you have some down time during the day you can easily hop over to the coast for a little day trip. Both Cannon Beach and Seaside are about forty minutes away from Spruce Run. Although Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places on the upper Oregon coast (you can read all about it here), we headed over to Seaside for the day instead to hang out at the beach and do all the touristy things like walk the boardwalk, hang out at the arcade, and marvel at the candy shops.

5. The Food: Okay…so I know the food isn’t specific to the campground (unless you’re cooking up some of those crawfish) but I can’t go without mentioning the awesome food we had at our camp. Mrs Katie (Brist) Dunbar is a gourmet camper, meaning she makes some of the best food you’ll ever eat on a camping trip. From her parmesan bacon salad to her famous noodles (also known as “I Think About These All The Time Noodles”), this lady sure knows how to cook. Don’t worry…I’ve already asked her to get me the recipes so I will share those with you as soon as I get them!