Who Says Veggies Can’t Make A Good Dessert?


I’ve always had a thing for carrot cake but my obsession for it reached a whole new level when I had some of the most AMAZING carrot cake at Papa Haydns on NW 23rd Street in Portland.  After that experience I can whole heartedly say that carrots have the potential for an amazing dessert but what about that extra zucchini I had lying around? Not knowing a thing about preparing zucchini, I turned to google and Paula Deen for the answer.

If you don’t know who Paula Deen is then you must not watch the Food Network because there is no way you could miss this woman. Miss Deen, better known as the queen of Southern cuisine, is the host of not just one but THREE Food Network shows including Paula’s Best Dishes, Paula’s Home Cooking, and Paula’s Party.

Last night I tried Paula’s Chocolate Chip zucchini Bread and here was the outcome:

This bread is sweet enough to omit the whipped cream, although it did make for a pretty picture. The only issue I had with this bread, along with a few other Food Network reviewers, is the chocolate chips fell towards the bottom of the pan. Not exactly sure how to fix that (maybe use some extra flour??)…but it was still good!

My conclusion: whether its carrot cake or zucchini bread, I’m completely sold on deliciously spiced veggie desserts but I must admit I would choose carrot cake with cream cheese frosting over zucchini bread any day.

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