Shamrock Run – Rain or Shine

Last weekend I participated in my first Portland run in the rain. This is my third spring in the rainy city so I knew it was only a matter of time before one of the organized runs I was participating in was rained out. But “rained out” isn’t really the right phrase because Portland events rarely get called or delayed for rain. If they did, this city wouldn’t have any successful outdoor events in the spring!

Despite the non-stop rain last Sunday, over 30,000 runners showed up in their green gear (everything from traditional kilts to green tutus and full green body suits) to participate in the Shamrock Run. It didn’t matter if you were participating in the 5k, 8k, or 15k – everyone was pretty well soaked by the time they got to the finish line. Green feather boas that were once fluffy were limp and lifeless and if you had green dye in your hair it was streaming down your face at the finish line. One might think that everyone would race home to warm up but the majority of runners made a beeline to the beer gardens to stand in line and claim their free beer. Some runners even stood in line twice to claim drink tickets that other runners foolishly gave up. After grabbing a beer (or two), runners stood in another line to get a cup of Standford’s awesome smoked salmon chowder. And I’m not just saying that it was awesome because I was freezing and wanted something warm to eat…this chowder was seriously good.

I have to admit I had my doubts about how fun this “fun run” was going to be in the rain but when all was said and done I wasn’t disappointed. I think I have lived in Portland long enough to accept the fact it rains…a lot….but that doesn’t mean that life stops. We get out there and have fun….rain or shine. And that’s part of what the Shamrock Run is all about. I hope everyone had an awesome St. Patrick’s Day!