Day Two: Denver, Colorado

Later that afternoon we headed to the famous Casa Bonita in Lakewood. Best described as a wacked out Mexican Disneyland, this themed restaurant seats over 1,000 people in their 52,000 square foot palace and boasts live entertainment like a mariachi band, cowboy shootouts, gorillas, puppet shows, and a thirty foot water fall complete with cliff divers.

Day One: Denver, Colorado

Over the past few years, Denver has been the midpoint of many of my vacations. I’ve had several layovers in Denver but never stepped foot outside the airport until last weekend. Keenan and I decided to take a short weekend trip to Denver to visit his sister, Stephanie, and finally check out the city.

Oregon Spring Beer & Wine Festival

I’m going to take a little break from writing recipes to tell you about a fabulous, local festival that I went to last weekend at the Oregon Convention Center. A group of us went to the 16th annual Oregon Spring Beer and Wine Festival to celebrate my friend’s brother in law’s big 3-0. What better way to celebrate your birthday than sampling local beer and wines all afternoon!