Spring Break Essentials

During college the highlight of my spring break was the destinations. Some of my past spring break destinations have included sin city, Phoenix, and Butte, America for their crazy St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Now that my college days are over the highlight of my spring break has been the break in traffic. Sad but true. When school is out my thirty minute commute literally cuts in half. It is glorious.

Shamrock Run – Rain or Shine

Last weekend I participated in my first Portland run in the rain. This is my third spring in the rainy city so I knew it was only a matter of time before one of the organized runs I was participating in was rained out. But “rained out” isn’t really the right phrase because Portland events rarely get called or delayed for rain. If they did, this city wouldn’t have any successful events in the spring!

Handwriting and Happy Hour: A Beautiful Combination

Yes, I know you’re thinking “what’s handwriting and happy hour got to do with each other?” These two activities are rarely combined in the same night. Unless you’re an elementary school teacher who needs a drink after a day of screaming children or you’re writing a napkin note to the guy guy at the bar. Or perhaps both! But neither explain my case.