Dreaming of Chocolate?

Aren’t we all? It’s Valentine’s Day and consumers have spent over 300 million on chocolate over the past week . Three….hundred…million. That’s 58 million pounds of chocolate! That’s A LOT of chocolate but being a chocolate lover myself, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. Over the past month I have been to two popular Portland events centered around what else? Chocolate.

It’s All About the Appetizers: Superbowl 2011

The general consensus I’ve gotten from Facebook posts and talking with friends is that people are not as excited for the “big game” this year. Some have blamed the lack of excitement on the cold, blizzardly weather, their favorite team not getting in, or that fact that we just saw the Steelers in 2009 (no offense, Colette).

“For the Love of Chocolate” – Portland Chocolate Festival

To say that I am a chocolate lover is a bit of an understatement. I have developed the WORST habit of craving chocolate after dinner. Sometimes I’m even desperate enough to grab a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips if I happen to have some leftover from my latest baking project.