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It’s All About the Appetizers: Superbowl 2011

The general consensus I’ve gotten from Facebook posts and talking with friends is that people are not as excited for the “big game” this year. Some have blamed the lack of excitement on the cold, blizzardly weather, their favorite team not getting in, or that fact that we just saw the Steelers in 2009 (no offense, Colette).

Superbowl Stuffed Peppers

When I was home for Christmas I spotted a racy recipe book called “Any B*tch Can Fake It: Recipes Easy Enough to Lie About”. I bought it solely based on the title and found a great little recipe called “Cheese Stuffed Chiles” by Betty Lou Hammer. I couldn’t find any chiles at the grocery store so I opted for Serrano peppers instead. These peppers were great substitutes and they added some extra kick, which I always enjoy. This recipe takes a little extra care but was well worth the trouble!