Our first and last out-of-state family trip was taken to Disneyland and Sea World when I was in the 8th grade. From what I can remember, it was a trip that mirrored a Griswold family vacation (which may explain why we haven’t taken another one since!). I ventured back to California in the spring of 2010 to explore the northern part of the state and see the great Redwoods. I haven’t had an opportunity to see the central part of the state but it’s on my list!

My California Travels:

-Crescent City, California
-Gold Bluffs Beach/Fern Canyon, California
-Eureka, California
-Redding, California
-Mount Shasta, California

Future California Travels:

-Monteray, California
-San Diego, California
-San Francisco, California
-San Simeon, California
-Napa, California
-Yosemite National Park, California