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Spring Break Essentials – Drinks

Number two on my list of spring break essentials is drinks. As I mentioned yesterday, there’s no shortage of food options in Portland and the same goes for drinks. With over 30 microbreweries in the metro area like Rogue, Bridgeport, and Cascade Brewing – many refer to this quirky city as beervana. Not a beer lover? Not to worry. There are a number of other options from you’re standard martini bar to local wineries and micro-distilleries.

Handwriting and Happy Hour: A Beautiful Combination

Yes, I know you’re thinking “what’s handwriting and happy hour got to do with each other?” These two activities are rarely combined in the same night. Unless you’re an elementary school teacher who needs a drink after a day of screaming children or you’re writing a napkin note to the guy guy at the bar. Or perhaps both! But neither explain my case.

The Happiest Hours in Phoenix

Ahh happy hour…the best time to unwind after a long day of work or in my case…a thirteen mile run. After my half marathon in Phoenix, I took two days off work to recover and explore the city with Sarah and her sister Heidi. Part of our recovery, aside from shopping, included hitting up various happy hours around the city.