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Kell’s St. Patricks Irish Festival

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! This year I celebrated the holiday a few days early at Kell’s annual St. Patrick’s Irish Festival in downtown Portland. Each year Kells sets up an enormous white tent in the parking lot behind the main bar complete with a dance floor, stage, beer stands, and a kitchen that cooks up traditional Irish food.

Northwest 23rd Ave – Portland, OR

Our first stop: Northwest 23rd Ave where the streets are lined with great little restaurants and funky shops housed inside the attics, main levels, and even basements of beautiful, antique homes.

Distillery Row Tour – Portland, OR

A few weekends ago I had THE most scrumptious cupcakes at a girl’s night party. I soon discovered the source of these heavenly little cakes…a cute shop located in the Pearl District called… Continue reading