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Spring Break Essentials: Food

Last week I told you about what I consider the essentials of a successful spring break. Number one on my list is food. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as food is the subject of most of my blog ramblings. Luckily I live in a city that has numerous options for food – from your everyday run of the mill restaurants like Applebees and Outback to over 400 unique food carts scattered throughout downtown. So no matter what type of visitors are in town, food options are not a problem.

Handwriting and Happy Hour: A Beautiful Combination

Yes, I know you’re thinking “what’s handwriting and happy hour got to do with each other?” These two activities are rarely combined in the same night. Unless you’re an elementary school teacher who needs a drink after a day of screaming children or you’re writing a napkin note to the guy guy at the bar. Or perhaps both! But neither explain my case.