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Things & Places: A Mere 25 Years Later

I wanted to do something special for my Mom for Christmas so my sister and I spent several lonnnngggggg nights organizing over twenty-five years of our family’s photos. I know that sounds like a big feat (and trust me, it was) but most nights we spent laughing until we cried from hilarious hair-do’s, facial expressions, hideous (but trendy at the time) clothing, school pictures, and things we thought were the absolute best as kids like turtles – both real and Ninja, lady bugs, Mavis Vanessa (my cabbage patch doll), baby chickens at the farm, Walter (my sisters ratty stuffed dog she used to carry around), 101 Dalmatian pajamas, twisty straws, John Deere tricycles, Barbies and the humongous Barbie doll house my Dad built for us, and the salamanders that lived in our window wells. These precious memories have been stashed away in old albums and shoe boxes for years just waiting for someone to come along, organize them, and put them into leather bound albums.

Why I Love Camping at Spruce Run

Last weekend I finally went on my first (and quite possibly last) camping trip of the summer. I had hoped to get out more this summer but between weddings and weekend outings, my summer has flown by like usual. For the second summer in a row I joined the Brist siblings for their annual camping trip to Spruce Run campground off the Sunset highway. As much as I’d like to keep this place a secret, I promised to share good things with you so here’s a few reasons why I love camping at Spruce Run:

Crab Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I’ve never been a big fan of crab cakes until I visited the Oregon Coast. The first time I went to the beach, Keenan and I stopped in Oceanside, OR at a quiet beachside restaurant called Roseanna’s Cafe. He got a crab cake sandwich and convinced me to try it…I was hooked.