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Grandma Ardith’s Brownies

It’s Friday! It’s girls night! It’s your birthday? You got a raise? You had a bad day? Whatever it is, I’ll take any excuse to bake up some goodies. Last week I had a craving for chocolate so I used the “it’s Friday” excuse to bake one of my favorite treats growing up – my Grandma Ardith’s brownies.

Turn Rotten Into Delicious!

Isn’t it funny how something that looks so gross can make something so deliciously good? I had to keep telling Keenan NOT to throw away the dark, rotten bananas in the fruit bowl — no matter how gross they looked. I assured him I had better plans for them than the trash bin. My plan, of course, was to make banana bread.

Mama Brensdal’s Hamburger Stew

There’s just nothing better than hot cup of soup or stew on a cold, rainy day — and everyone knows we have enough of those in Portland!