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Grandma Ardith’s Brownies

It’s Friday! It’s girls night! It’s your birthday? You got a raise? You had a bad day? Whatever it is, I’ll take any excuse to bake up some goodies. Last week I had a craving for chocolate so I used the “it’s Friday” excuse to bake one of my favorite treats growing up – my Grandma Ardith’s brownies.

Fruit Dip Trifecta

Some of you might be thinking fruit? Thats not dessert?? But pair it with some creamy fruit dip and you might just change your mind. I brought this dish to a barbeque last weekend and brought home a nearly empty tray.

Baja Fish Tacos

Last week I had a craving for fish tacos, yet another seafood dish I fell in love with after moving to the west coast. Something about the crunchy breading on the fish, tangy sauce, and warm corn tortilla spells comfort food to me.