Fresh Summer Salads You’ll Want to Try

Last week I told you about a great new company called HarvestMark and promised you a few salad recipes (if you missed it, read up on it here). Today I’m living up to that promise and bringing you three new fresh salad recipes.

Ever Wonder Where Your Fruits & Veggies Come From?

Unless you have the space for your own garden or access to a local farmer’s market, your knowledge of your fruits and veggies origins goes as far as shelf in the store. But a company called HarvestMark is changing all that. Select produce marked with a HavestMark label will allow you to trace your fruits and veggies back to the farm they were grown.

Good Things Come On a Stick

From Bambuza’s grilled chicken skewers to Berry-Ka-Bob’s white chocolate covered strawberries, some of the best bites at “The Bite of Oregon” are served on a stick. The Bite of Oregon is an annual event held at the Portland waterfront that serves up some of the state’s finest cuisine, craft beers, and local wines. If that’s not enough to get you through the gates, how about live entertainment like the Oregon Iron Chef competition and dozens of local bands rocking everything from swanky jazz to “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”