Stuffed Mmm Mmmushrooms

Last week my co-worker, Loren, brought me a colorful array of fresh veggies from his garden including some zuchinni, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and small yellow tomatoes in the shape of a pear (fittingly named yellow pear tomatoes). I usually don’t eat tomatoes unless they’re in a dish or on a sandwich but the yellow pear tomatoes were so good and sweet I could eat them alone!

Who Says Veggies Can’t Make A Good Dessert?

I’ve always had a thing for carrot cake but my obsession for it grew after I had some of the most AMAZING carrot cake from Papa Haydns on NW 23rd Street in Portland. After that experience I can whole heartedly confirm that carrots have the potential for an amazing dessert but what about that extra zuchinni I had lying around? I turned to google and found Paula Deen’s Chocolate Chip Zuchinni Bread recipe so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Why I Love Camping at Spruce Run

Last weekend I finally went on my first (and quite possibly last) camping trip of the summer. I had hoped to get out more this summer but between weddings and weekend outings, my summer has flown by like usual. For the second summer in a row I joined the Brist siblings for their annual camping trip to Spruce Run campground off the Sunset highway. As much as I’d like to keep this place a secret, I promised to share good things with you so here’s a few reasons why I love camping at Spruce Run: