How to do Portland in 48 hours

Last Friday felt like a Monday. I was knee deep in customer service and suffering from a cold when I heard our office door open and close. Our office doesn’t get a lot of traffic so my first thought was “oh great…who is it now” – and yes, I was admittedly crabby from my cold. I slowly peered out of my cube only to see my little sister walking towards me…camera in hand…snapping a picture of my reaction.

Turn Rotten Into Delicious!

Isn’t it funny how something that looks so gross can make something so deliciously good? I had to keep telling Keenan NOT to throw away the dark, rotten bananas in the fruit bowl — no matter how gross they looked. I assured him I had better plans for them than the trash bin. My plan, of course, was to make banana bread.

Living in Beervana

If nirvana is a place of complete bliss and delight, then it is no surprise that Portland is commonly referred to as Beervana. With over 30 microbreweries in the metro area, the city is a dream for any beer lover. In fact, a recent poll by named Portland the best city for happy hour in America.